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Money is the one thing that is always constant in this world, and no matter what we wish to purchase, there are cheap products and expensive ones. No matter what the situation, people will be looking for the cheapest writing services they can find so that they will not have to feel a great loss to their pocket. However, in their search for the best price, they risk coming across a quality that is also ‘cheap.’ So how do we know whether or not we should rely on the products offered by a certain company? Should we give in to the attractive price? Indeed, we should… but first, we will need to do some proper research.


Why Do We Need Review Websites?

Writing services have recently started to appear like mushrooms after a rainy day. The problem isn’t that we don’t have options – but that we don’t know what to make of these options. Some people even make writing services to scam people of their money – because let’s face it, who can see them doing it? Thus, they claim that they provide this and that, and once the customer has paid up, they suddenly disappear or give them a ‘cheaply’ written paper. The job which befalls writing service review websites is to test whether or not these services are legit by analyzing facts.

So what’s the advantage for you? Well, by collecting this data, we will paint a picture of what you can get from these services. Before you order from those service websites, you can check with ours to see if they actually speak the truth about what they offer. You will no longer have to live with the embarrassment of failing a class royally, simply because you got a project wrong – a project which you didn’t even write yourself. Now how’s that for irony. Thankfully, can help you out.

Our Process

Our reviewing process is not as simple as reading through a website’s samples. For every review that we add, we go through a meticulous process to which we leave no pages unturned. Thus, whenever we begin writing information, follows these steps:

  • Services Offered: When we review a website, first of all, we look at the list of services provided by them. We check to see what’s different and what’s not about them, analyzing what they can offer us that others usually can’t. Since we believe that it’s important to be unique, a good website will have more than the typical college essays – they will have business writing and other types of writing as well.
  • Quality Check: Quality writing is what interests us, after all. To assess the quality of the writing, we start by doing a background check on the writers. We estimate how much information we can find about each of them and the method they use to hire all these writers. When we can, we will see if we can apply as writers – just to see how easily people are accepted, without necessarily any actual experience. Afterward, we check the samples on their website along with a paper that we also ordered from them, as a test.
  • Testimonials and Customer Reviews: A lot of our feedback we get from customer reviews found online, on other review websites and on social media. We compare them with the on-site testimonials, to see how well they match and how honest they are with us. If there is any positive or negative feedback, we will put them in balance and see which one weighs more.
  • Prices: This section will analyze prices and discounts of said writing services. If they claim to be a cheap writing service, we will compare them with others that we have previously reviewed and see if the writing quality is convenient considering the price. At the same time, if the price is elevated, we will analyze if the product received will be worth the price.
  • Delivery: We will analyze the final product and see if our requirements were delivered. Was the topic breached? Is the structure appropriate for the level? We will ask all of these questions and more. Plus, we will note if they have been delivered according to the deadline, both from customer reviews as well as our paper.
  • Customer Support: We will check to see if the customer service is helpful with any questions a customer may have. Regardless if it’s about the product, delivery, prices or any other options, we will ask as many questions as possible to see if they are ready to answer us properly and convince us of the product.
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As you can see, our process is rigorous. So, in your search for the cheapest writing service, don’t let yourself be scammed by unethical people. Take a peek at the reviews on and see which one is the best for you.