Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Writingjudge.Com

We want to protect the privacy of all users and visitors of, which is why we want you to understand everything about the information we collect from you once you access our website.

I. Collected Information

Once a user or a visitor accesses, our website will be collecting two types of information:

  1. Aggregate and Anonymous Information

This is a common practice among many different websites. Whenever an individual accesses, we have the required technology to gather certain information. This includes the type of browser that has been used, the IP address, which pages were accessed and how much time an individual has spent on our website along with other pages. This information will be used to improve the user experience on our website.

  1. Personal Information

Once a user creates an account on our website, he or she will be required to provide some personal information, which will be stored by means of encryption and firewall. Other users will be able to view that information only if the owner of the account decides to make it public from the account settings. The basic information will include the last name initial and a full first name, along with any other information that you wish to share in your account. All this information will be made public, and thus, we will not be able to protect it in any way. Should your information change without your knowledge, you ought to inform us immediately.

II. Content Posted by Users

Anything that a user publishes will be considered public and is, therefore, not protected. Users have the ability to change their privacy options so that their audience is limited. However, we have no guarantees that these settings are completely foolproof, and will not be held responsible if your “private” content is obtained by “unauthorized” users. All content must be published in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the website.

III. Invitations to Join

All users may invite other people to join, and there is even a certain procedure for them to do so. Users should provide administrators with the name and e-mail of the individual, and we will send them an invitation. We will track and store the number of acceptances and declines, and we will also save the e-mail of the person invited. Anyone who wishes to have their e-mail address removed from our database may contact and request us to do so.

IV. Age Requirements

No person that is under the age of 13 may access, use or create an account on If we find that one of our users is less than 13 years old or if we receive reports that we have users under the age of 13, we will remove and block the access to that account immediately, unless/until the users can prove that they are over 13 years old.

  • Age 13-18: Individuals falling into this age category will need parental permission to set up the account, which we will receive prior to receiving the user’s personal information.
  • Age 18+: Anyone who is over 18 years old may access and register on our website without further permission.

Anyone who registers and provides personal information to will do so at their own risk.

V. Sharing Your Contact Information

As a rule, we do not share your information with third parties unless we have previously received permission to do so. However, your information will be shared with third parties only in case you purchase something, the ownership is transferred or if we are requested your information be legal authorities.

VI. Third Party Links

Our website will be hosting several third party links. We are not endorsing any of the products, contents or services of those respective products, and we do not know the contents of their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Once you enter a third-party link, you exit the effect of our privacy policy and enter theirs.

VII. Changing Your Information

You may use the toolbox to modify the information on your profile. You can also remove any content you may have previously published; however, if the content has been shared or accessed, it may still continue to exist on our website.

VIII. Security Measures

We will do everything in our power to protect your personal information. The server on which stands is secured with a firewall protection. However, if the content is shared with other users (e-mails, messages, information), it is no longer protected and secure.

IX. Binding Terms

Users will agree that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy for If a user fails to read these terms, he or she will not be relieved of having to comply with them. We have the right of modifying this privacy policy at any time, without providing prior notifications. They will go into effect once the content is published.