Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions For Using WritingJudge.Com

This page has been written to outline the responsibilities and rights of our company as well as the visitors that access our website, WritingJudge.com. Our advice is that you read these terms and conditions, because once you come onto our websites, you will be bound by them until your order is finalized.

I. Definitions and Agreements

The terms you, yourself and your will refer to any person accessing our website, regardless of the reason. Us, we, our/ours will refer to the owners of the website, the employees, administrators or anyone affiliated in any way with WritingJudge.com.

Content will refer to any of the words, texts, photos, images or media found on the WritingJudge.com website. Also, the term website will generally refer to the WritingJudge.com website, as well as all of the content hosted on it.

User Content will apply to any texts, words, images, graphs, photos, etc. that have been posted by users on the website. As for third party, this will refer to anyone who has published content on our site, regardless if they are users or not. The content posted by those parties will, however, be available for users to access.

II. Amendments

The administrators, employees, as well as the affiliates of WritingJudge.com,  are allowed to make changes to these Terms and Conditions, without providing prior warnings. Every change will go into effect as soon as they have been made public, binding the users to the new changes.

III. Using WritingJudge.com

Anyone who accesses and uses this website must ascertain that they are 18 years old and legally allowed to enter these agreements. The website can provide permission to those who are under this age only if we are granted permission by the parents or guardians. Users will publish content at their own risk, and the owners, employees, and affiliates of this website will not be responsible for any consequences that may occur after publicly using the website.

We have the right to change procedures, content, processes and to disrupt any current operations, without providing further notification. Every user will have to set up a personal account with a minimum of information, and they will be held fully responsible for it. If the owner of the account decides to share the password, WritingJudge.com will not be held accountable for it. Each user is only allowed one account, and if a user is discovered with a fake account, they will be permanently banned from use. Upon registering, you agree to the fact that you will receive notifications from our website.

IV. Content Published by Users

Users will be held responsible for every piece of content they decide to post on WritingJudge.com. Once published, it cannot be removed from every part of the website. Users no longer have exclusive rights to the content once posted, for it will become public, and thus, the authority is transferred to the website. If the users publish plagiarized, offensive or any type of content that violates the law, WritingJudge.com is allowed to close the accounts and notify the authorities. Anyone visiting the website will gain access as well as the right to use any content that you make public.

V. Guidelines and Policies

Users must agree that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, and accept that we will share their information with third parties if it is deemed necessary or if we are constrained by the law. We will also take legal actions or cooperate with the authorities in case there is an open investigation against you.

All content published on our website must be original. If we believe that the content has been plagiarized, we will remove the content and close the suspect account. Every user has the right to appeal to the administrators of the website. Should anyone believe that a user has published plagiarized content, they are encouraged to notify us, and we will take action right away.

VI. Presence of Third Parties

We have the right to publish any kinds of advertisements, applications or links leading towards other websites. By doing so, it does not mean that we endorse using that certain link or product. Once a user has accessed the link and left the premises of our website, they are no longer bound by our terms and conditions.

VII. Changing or Terminating the Terms and Conditions

We save the right to change or terminate the terms and conditions hereto without prior notifications. If these terms and conditions are terminated, the user content will remain the property of the website.

Once changes have been made in these terms and conditions, users will be notified once it will be published. Should we change one or more specific clauses of this document, all of the other clauses of these terms and conditions will remain in effect and valid. If it is discovered that certain clauses are unlawful, all of the other terms will still remain in effect.