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Our review

If you are reading this review, there is a good chance that you are interested in the writing services offered by So, let’s get started. This our official Essay Lab review. It is unclear to us when EssayLab was founded. The website doesn’t give that information as far as we were able to find. Ultimately, our goal in writing an Essay Lab review is to provide relevant and useful information to our readers. That means going through a lot of steps. Here are just a few of the steps we executed to write this review on EssayLab.

  • Read customer reviews to learn as much as possible
  • Compared prices with other writing services
  • Received an essay from an unnamed source
  • Consulted the BBB and other consumer protection websites to investigate whether or not the website is a fraud or scam
  • Read the policy documents on the website that deal with customer privacy and other security issues.
  • Considered customer testimonials to balance our review

We believe that we have taken all of the steps needed to provide a fair and accurate rating of this writing service. To find out if Essay Lab is reliable, keep reading. We have lots of great information. Our final thoughts are summarized in the last paragraph of this document.

Provided Services

First of all, we should clear up some confusion. As we were reading through the website to determine what services were offered, we noticed that much of the content refers to a website called We researched this domain and it is no longer active. We don’t know if this website is a reincarnation of this website, or if the content was ‘borrowed’. Eventually, we were able to determine that this writing service provides business and academic writing services. This means essays, research papers, term papers, and other academic papers, along with business writing such as web content, articles, and SEO content. the company did list thesis and dissertation services as part of their offerings, as well as proofreading and editing services.

Product/Writer Quality

Normally ordering a paper is the easiest part of the review process. Unfortunately, this was not the case here as we learned from other students. Many reported that they literally could not get the order form to work for them. So, they had to contact customer service in order for them to place our order. Ultimately we received a five-page essay that was due in 14 days. However, our source did have to get the assistance of customer support to make that happen. Unfortunately, the paper that we received was of exceedingly low quality. There were so many grammar and spelling errors. It was clear that this was not likely written by a native English speaking writer. The research was also subpar. The website states that you can communicate with your writers after placing your order. However, student feedback on that was varied. Some were quite happy with the response time from the writers. Others felt they were needless delays. In the event that customers do work with a writer they are satisfied, they may request that writer in the future.

Customer Support

While we can say that during the order taking process, customer support was excellent, things certainly changed when we asked for our paper to be revised. This is when customer support became combative and defensive. This was very disappointing for us. It was also enlightening.

Prices and Discounts

We paid nearly 21 dollars per page for our essay. Considering the requests that we gave, this is extremely expensive. In fact, this is about six dollars more per page than is standard. This is by no means a fair price considering the lack of quality. Unfortunately, due to problems with this website we were unable to learn much about discounts. We did not find a promo code or coupon codes.

However, our research seems to indicate that they except standard payment methods including debit cards and PayPal. The payment methods appear to be secured, and customers generally feel safe placing an order. We did not find any issues with data loss legal or otherwise.

Additional Benefits

We did see that the writing service offered a blog. Unfortunately, none of the pieces were interesting and well written. there are some product add-ons that customers May purchase when they place their order. None of these came with the paper we received oh, and none of them stand out as being particularly unique.
Overall, we found the website very difficult to navigate. We could also see how and why placing an order with such a difficult process as part of a research for this review we also read the policy documents that we were able to find on the essay Lab website. In this case that was limited to the privacy policy and terms of use document. The privacy policy does go into great detail on the use of customer data, the collection of customer data, and the customers’ rights regarding that data. the information on the use of cookies was also detailed as well. The privacy policy does not specifically site whether it is GDPR compliant or not. We recommend investigating this yourself before you place an order. The terms of use dealt with the customers’ rights regarding the use of the assay Lab website.


Forget about the pros & cons. The bottom line is that this writing service is very sketchy, and it should be avoided.

Reviews by users

1.7 rating
1.7 out of 5 stars (based on 9 reviews)
Very good0%

They ignored my requests

2.0 rating

I write this because I think that this writing service impressed me, but in a very bad way. I paid money for a research paper and got something that looks like it, but doesn’t have any coherence between paragraphs. Seems like the writer just copied the information from various services. They ignored my requests for amendments and finishing the paper, but it never happened.


Don`t like it!

1.0 rating

There are dozens of excellent writing services to work with. But this one is not one of them. Trying to contact their support team I didn`t succeed. The next problem I faced with is non professional writing they do. My essay in English was unacceptable! To any of my complains this service didn`t reply properly. Don`t like it!


Disgusting, so disgusting!

1.0 rating

To tell the truth, there isn`t anything positive about this resource and cooperation with its specialists. I asked for an advanced completion of a term paper in two weeks. As a result, I am deeply saddened by the achieved results with my order. Never ever use their services as they are the lying place without any respect for their customers. Disgusting, so disgusting!


Maybe recommend it to the enemies?

1.0 rating

The toll free doesn`t work. Not does their customer support department.
I hoped that the thesis would be written well, but as a result – I had to ask for three times revision from them. And what is even more frustrating, is that none of the three actually helped to create a better outlook for my order. This is not the place I can recommend to my close friends. Maybe to the enemies?


As far away as possible!

1.0 rating

What a tragedy – this resource is a complete waste of time and money. Uneducated writers and a completely unskilled support team without any single hint of having a clue of what and how a professional approach in the support should actually work. Stay away. As far away as possible!


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