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Our review

This is our review of Paper Now. We are writing this as we have received many questions about this service. In order to write a thorough review, we read customer reviews, ordered an essay, reviewed that essay for quality, conducted price comparisons, and explored the writing service website. Our experiences are detailed below.

Provided Services

This is largely an academic writing service. This is the area we focus on. So, we ordered a college essay with a 14 day deadline. They also offer the usual academic writing such as term papers, research papers, presentations, application essays, and more. They don’t appear to offer any copywriting for business. They do offer resume writing to job seekers.

Product/Writer Quality

Unfortunately, we have no good news here. Our paper was late. It was poorly written. Our writer used poor sources, and obviously did not understand the subject matter. Worse, this was a relatively easy topic. It was for a college freshman. The writer had plenty of time to research, and to provide us with a decent paper. They did none of these things. It also appears as if there is absolutely  no quality control or editing happening here.

Customer Support

Regrettably, customer support at Paper Now is very sub par. They were impolite, unable to answer basic questions, and dismissive. When we asked for the free revision we were promised, they used a flimsy excuse to refuse to help us. All in all, it was quite disappointing. Had we been students, we would have promptly reported this service to the BBB.

Prices And Discounts

We paid nearly 17 dollars per page for our undergraduate essay. This is quite high. They do offer discounts. We used a promo code to save 15%. We did not find any other coupon codes available. Had the writing at Paper Now been better, we would not have any issues with these prices. Unfortunately, as things are, they are very inexpensive.

Standard payment options are available. We paid using PayPal. We received the product we were entitled to.

Additional Benefits

It does not appear that offers any benefits. There are no videos, blog posts, samples, or other content. While these extras would not have been fair compensation for a paper that was both late and inaccurate, it would at least show some dedication to providing quality services to their audience.


We wanted to be as fair as possible to Paper Now. Unfortunately, once we weighed the pros & cons, we had no choice but to conclude this with a negative. Our final rating is poor. While it appears that is not a fraud or scam, they do not provide students with papers that are worth paying for. In addition to this, their prices are on the high side of average, and they don’t offer any sort of extras that make their lack of quality, customer support, or pricing worthwhile. We were unable to find any believable testimonials that indicated customers were at all satisfied with the services offered here. Save your money, and check out our other write ups. There are several writing services that are worth your time and money.

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2.0 rating

The writer who did my paper clearly had little to no expertise in marketing! He confused a logotype and a logo saying it’s the same while a logotype is actually a variety of a logo. I don’t think I want a revision from this service, currently arguing to get a refund.


So so bad

1.0 rating

They were nice, answered all my questions and explained the procedure of the work. My essay came on time and that’s where the struggle started. I saw that the writer missed half of my requirements, didn’t feature any references and provided no visuals. I asked for a revision and received the paper back with 3 blog posts mentioned as references, no visuls… Now I asked for a different writer and waiting for the second revision…


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