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Our review

Studyker came to our attention recently, when a user of our website gave a very enthusiastic recommendation after receiving a college-level research paper from this company. We decided to take a look for ourselves. In our investigation of Studyker, we used the same criteria that we do for all of our evaluations, namely the following:

  • The content on the website, including explanations of products and services, information about writers, samples and bog articles, if available, policies, and guarantees
  • Testimonials published by the agency along with customer comments and feedback that are submitted to us, that we solicit, or that we find anywhere on the web
  • Quality of customer service, as determined by our own experiences with it
  • Prices, discounts, and benefits
  • Guarantees, especially for satisfaction, confidentiality, and plagiarism-free products

Provided Services

In short, products and services that Studyker offers are comprehensive. From original academic writing of anything from essays through dissertations, to coursework assignment help, to test-taking, to admissions essays, to editing and proofreading, students can literally get help with anything. Beyond that, the agency offers resumes and CV’s and business copywriting services for companies in need of web-based content.

Product/Writer Quality

Studyker employs only Ph.D. writers for academic services. This may be a bit narrow of a focus, because high school students probably do not need a Ph.D. for their essays and papers. If the company would broaden its employment practices to those with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, they could still serve numerous students well. 

Relative to product quality, there does not seem to be a lot of question here. The samples are well-researched and written. More important, the feedback from actual customers is overwhelmingly positive. They speak to high quality, good customer services, direct contact with their writers, easily gotten revisions, and deadlines met. Clearly, the quality is there.

Customer Support

As we said, we evaluate customer service personally. We contact the department by phone and through live chat. We ask very specific questions about certain products and policies. Fortunately, we got very direct and detailed answers, telling us that these were actual employees of the company, not members of an answering service. This, we like to see. One thing we asked was a BBB membership. Studyker does not have a membership, and we would suggest that the company get registered.

Prices and Discounts

The lowest price for a piece of writing is $12.99 a page, and that is for a basic high school essay with a 14-day deadline. Prices go up according to the type of product, the academic level of the customer, and the deadline requirements. A Ph.D. student can expect to pay as much as $47.00 a page if he has a short deadline. Pricing for other services – editing, homework, test-taking, admissions essays, resumes, and copywriting – are all individually priced. Nonetheless, the final price is provided once the order is complete, and that price is not increased by any hidden fees.

In terms of discounts, there is a rather common 15% off of a first order by a new customer. There are also discounts for return customers, and special pricing at different times during the year.

Additional Benefits

Common benefits include free pages – title, bibliography, table of contents. Also free is formatting and revisions should a customer not be completely satisfied. 

Guarantees are in writing and include revisions, plagiarism-free products, confidentiality, and secure payment procedures. 


We are impressed. Although Studyker appears to be a relatively new writing service when compared to many others, it has proved itself within this industry. We would suggest that the company broaden its repertoire of writers and register with the BBB. Even with this in mind, we recommend this writing service with a rating of “Superior.”

Reviews by users

4.5 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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Essays on Shakespeare

5.0 rating

Studyker writers helped me a lot with a couple of essays on Shakespeare. They went even further and wrote a short poem using iambic pentameter as an example for one of the statements! That`s the first example of such a creative approach to online academic writing. Huge thanks from me!

Luis review

4.0 rating

I liked 24/7 support and how patiently they answered all my stupid questions:)))))))))



5.0 rating

The paper they delivered to me was just superb. I couldn`t stop reading because it was so engaging. REALLY LOVE THIS COMPANY. And respect for their cool writers.


Well written

4.0 rating

Waited more than expected but in general I`m satisfied with the final result. Well written essay with very comprehensive conclusion.


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