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Our review states that it has been providing writing services for about four years. We have been aware of the company, via comments and feedback that users on our site have submitted, and so we determined that it was time for a full Paper Overnight review. In completing this review, we spent a lot of time on the company website, reading all of the information, checking out the company-published testimonials and sample products from their writers, looking at pricing, discounts, benefits and written policies. We also looked at customer reviews that we found on the web and the comments and feedback that were submitted to us. And, as we always do, we ordered a college level research paper to see for ourselves what the company produces. These are our findings.

Provided Services focuses a lot of its site content on research paper writing. In fact, it offers all types of academic writing products for students from high school through Ph.D. degree programs. The company lists all of its products on the order form and include all assignments any student may be given, including graduate level theses and dissertations.

Customers may also order editing, proofreading, admissions essays and help with tough homework assignments.

Product/Writer Quality

Here is where things go badly. Writer quality results in product quality. In the case of Paper Overnight, the quality just isn’t there. Here’s why:

  • The website content is very badly written. It is filled with grammatical and compositional errors, incorrect word usage, and other clear English usage mistakes. It is clear to us that the writer of this content was ESL.
  • The company has published samples supposedly written by its writers. These are, quite frankly, horrible. There are several pieces on healthcare in the U.S., and all are poorly written, with old, outdated resource (e.g., from 1997). The company should be embarrassed to post them.
  • Customers have provided comments and feedback that are overwhelmingly negative.
  • The paper we received was terrible. It would never be acceptable by any college instructor – poorly written with resources that are mediocre, if not inferior.

Customer Support

Paper Overnight boasts that it has a 24/7 customer support department. We contacted this department with questions about the company and its products. Our first phone contact resulted in an answering machine message. Our second contact resulted in an actual conversation, but it was largely unproductive. We were told that our first and most important communication channel was with our writer; we were also told that we could order and receive a Ph.D. dissertation, in full, within seven days. Pretty amazing.

Prices and Discounts

Paper Overnight prices run average, starting at $10/page for a high school product and increasing up to $50/page for doctoral work with tighter deadlines. There are discounts for new customers, with a promo code to enter in the order form. We were told by customer support that additional coupon codes are given periodically, and that we needed to check the site regularly to find them.

Additional Benefits

There are policies that guarantee privacy, safety in payment, revisions, and no plagiarism. Beyond that, we found little else.


Certainly, Paper Overnight is not a fraud or scam. However, as we look at the total picture we can find little to praise. And, we must mention that there is no BBB membership, which most professional organizations do have. But it is the quality of the product that is the critical factor. And that quality is missing. Overall, our rating of Paper Overnight is “poor.”

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GROSS customer service

1.0 rating

I have never experienced such a GROSS customer service. Their support member was using CAPS LOCK on me! That is completely inappropriate! That is eternally rude! Noone should experience that and definitely should not PAY for such thing that MUCH money.



2.0 rating

Might not be the best option to ask them for any kind of urgent paperwork. Mine wasn`t delivered on time and I feel bad about that. However, in case of a long time project I guess it would be safe to use them (?).


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