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The following is our review of TermPaperEasy.com. In our research, we were unable to find out very much about the background or history of Term Paper Easy. We did read several customer reviews. These were almost entirely negative. However, we couldn’t find any information about the company itself. We do not know how long they have been in business, for example. We also have no idea whether or not TermPaperEasy is based in an English speaking country. We can say that if we go by the writing on the website that this company is likely operated in a country where English is not the primary language. In addition to this, the BBB has no records of this company. Please bear in mind that this is not evidence that a company is not a fraud or scam.

To complete this review, we placed an order for a college level essay, explored the TermPaperEasy.com website, compared prices, and weighed the pros & cons. Please keep reading to learn more.

Provided Services

Be warned that TermPaperEasy does not list the services it provides on its website. There are no pages describing services. In order to get this information, you are forced to provide your first and last name, email address, and phone number. That’s quite intrusive and outside the norm. The vast majority of writing services we review do not force people to give up personally identifying information in order to gain basic information.

That said, the company offers both business and academic writing. On a positive note, the types of services they provide are lengthy and wide ranging. In addition to term papers, research papers, essays, resumes, and website content they do offer services that we have not seen from other writing services.

Product/Writer Quality

We ordered a simple English composition essay for a college sophomore. We allowed for the latest deadline 15+ days. We can say that our paper arrived on time. Unfortunately, that is the only positive note we have on product or writer quality. The essay we received was full of unacceptable errors. It was obvious our writer did not understand the subject matter or the concept of a persuasive essay.

Customer Support

Term Paper Easy customer support was polite enough. However, we were often unable to contact them. They were also unable to help us when we reported problems with our paper. The site has published several positive testimonials on customer service. Based on our experiences, we seriously doubt the veracity of these.

Prices And Discounts

We were charged more than 22 dollars per page for our essay. This is much higher than other writing services. Given the low quality writing and support, we believe these prices are way too high. We were not offered a promo code or any coupon codes to use towards our order. There is no mention of discounts that we were able to find on the website either.

Additional Benefits

There are no added benefits here that we were able to find. We did not find a blog post, writing samples, videos, or any other content that might interest students or business professionals.


Our final rating of TermPaperEasy is low. They fail to provide acceptable writing or customer service. In addition to this, they seem to have very little regard for customer’s privacy and personal information. We recommend using a different writing service entirely.

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1.0 rating

They shouldn`t give promises they cannot keep. Just like Getting A+ promise on their main page of the website. With termpapereasy you won`t get an easy A, actually, you won`t get an A at all. I`d suggest it`s better to stay away from them. Like really stay away.


No Title

1.0 rating

It was so difficult to get even a little single word from them! I wanted to get an explanation why my paper didn`t have the QA report for which I paid – I had no answer to that. I wanted to have a revision and necessary changes applied – I had no answer. Awful resource!



1.0 rating

In case you like to be the last in the class, this company is for you. No doubts their writers will make everything in their powers to devastate you with the “high quality writing material from educated experts” as they call the s**t they produce.


Low quality

1.0 rating

I am really into your website which is modern, easy to navigate and has all the information to understand what exactly you need and how to place an order. But I wish I could say the same about the quality you provide. There were so many silly mistakes in my essay that I can hardly explain how a person who has finished school can make them. Unfortunately, instead of submitting my paper on time I had to rewrite it completely.



1.0 rating

Too pricey for such unprofessional writers and rude support members who don`t know themselves how their service works. If really need to get your essay written then keep looking since this website is a total waste of money.


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