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Our review

What do a chef from Nashville, TN, and an Eastern European psychotherapist have in common? Both have had their photos stolen for use on It’s true. These images are being used to represent the CEO of LiveCustomWriting as well as one of its customer support agents. This isn’t the only red flag we noticed when we began researching for this review. Before we placed our order, the following items alarmed us:

  • Most customer reviews were poor. The positive reviews all seemed to be written by the same person.
  • It is impossible to find any location information about this writing service.
  • Their website content appears to have been lifted from other sites and spun.
  • A search on the BBB website showed no existence of such a company. However that is not proof positive that company is not a fraud or scam.
  • The company offers no contact phone  number

In spite of these concerns we were truly interested in learning the pros & cons. We decided to order an essay. Here things went wrong again. The place order link did not work. We contacted customer support who told us we should now use Keep reading to learn more about our experiences with Live Custom Writing and their sister site.

Provided Services appears to only offer academic writing services. These include research papers, presentations, essays, term papers, and all other commonly offered services. For our paper we elected to place an order for a college level essay with a two week deadline. We did not order any additional services or upgrades. Proofreading, editing, and rewriting are also available.

Product/Writer Quality

In spite of their being a few positive testimonials, quality at Live Custom Writing is very low. Our essay was quite simple. In spite of this there were multiple errors relating both to the subject matter as well as spelling and mechanics. We do not believe our writer was in any qualified to do this work.

Customer Support

LiveCustomWriting support was helpful when they routed us to an alternative website. Unfortunately, beyond that, we couldn’t rely on them for much. They were largely unhelpful and untrained. We also found it difficult to work with them as the only way to contact them was online. Sometimes the ability to speak to a human over the phone has its advantages.

Prices And Discounts

We were charged 22.99 per page for our essay. These prices are quite high. There are some discounts. We received a promo code for 20% off our first order. The only problem is that you must go through customer support to receive any other coupon codes or information about savings.

Additional Benefits

Other than a blog that didn’t contain very much worthwhile content, there are really no additional benefits offered here.


Unfortunately, we are forced to give a final rating of poor. We do this for numerous reasons. First, the fact that the company chooses to steal images and misrepresent the company’s CEO and other staff members is very suspicious. We were also bothered by the broken link and being routed to another service entirely. Finally, the most important factor in our decision was the poor writing and lack of good customer service. Please continue reading our other reviews to find a more trustworthy writing service.

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1.0 rating

Forget about all of your wants/needs when you decide to cooperate with They cannot improve the written paper, nor can they explain why some of the parts of your paper were missed. It`s a complete mystery of how it happens. Like for real? I will not work with you again guys.


Very low level

1.0 rating

Provided service was on a very low level. I did`t get enough information in my paperwork either. I doubt they even tried to write my paperwork normally. I really doubt that. I will not recommend using them to any of you.


Extremely bad

1.0 rating

First thing I liked about them was the website design. And all that information they posted, like you gain so much by just clicking Order button. What a sad story it turned to be in the end… When instead of an essay dedicated to English history I got a paper dedicated to English literature. Sure I made them change it completely again. But like – is it even okay?!



1.0 rating

I was reckless enough to place an order at this site… They emailed me an order confirmation and then contacted me in the chat where we discussed some details. Yet, when I tried to get in touch regarding progress the other day, it took around an hour from them to answer. And they don’t have any phone number! Eventually, I even received my paper! And looking at the format, styling and citations I think I’d better done it on my own. I won’t even ask for rewriting from them.

Evan Tucker

I am so upset!

1.0 rating

I am so upset! Only now I realize that they need three pages on their website to brag about themselves and just a few lines to tell what they really do and how much it costs. I thought I wasn’t going to hear from them ever since they got my money, let alone get my order completed. Surprisingly I did receive my essay, full of typos and in a very plain language. Like if a 7yo had written that!


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