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Our review

The UK-based company,, states that it serves students in the UK but also around the globe. It is a relatively newcomer to the writing service scene, we believe, because we have only located information about the company going back about 1 ½ years. It has a pretty full website, with links that give all of the information a visitor will need about their services. We have looked through the entire MHR Writer website and have reviewed its content. We have also read the company published testimonials, looked at pricing, information about writers, read through a few blogs and footer pages, and read the customer reviews we have found on the web. Finally, we ordered a short research paper to see about quality. What follows is all that we found.

Provided Services

Students will find that MHRWriter offers virtually every type of academic assign writing possible, through graduate level theses and dissertations. It also provides editing, proofreading, and personal statement essays for admissions purposes. A link at the top of the home page specifies all of these services.

Product/Writer Quality

This of course is the most important factor for customers, so we spent most of our time looking at this. The following items have resulted in our review of this:

  • The content on the website is very poorly written, and that always leads us to believe that products will also be poor in quality. Companies that don’t take the time to use good grammar and composition in their site content always raise suspicion
  • The few blog posts we read were just as bad, and these are written by their own writers
  • The customer reviews we found on the web were not complimentary either. Customers said they got very bad writing quality
  • The research paper we ordered was, frankly, quite bad. Sentence structure was filled with mistakes, verb tenses wrong, and mistakes in word usage told us that they are obviously using ESL writers, although they claim otherwise.

Still, we did receive what we ordered on time.

MHR Writer is not a fraud or scam, but overall quality is not what students would find acceptable.

Customer Support

This department is open 24-hours by phone or live chat. Agents are foreign-speaking so it may be tough to understand them all the time. We don’t believe they are actual company employees, because they don’t have detailed answers to questions – probably an answering service.

E asked about dissertations and how original research would be conducted for these. We could get no clear answer but were told that Ph.D. writers could easily give us a complete dissertation in a matter of days. Anyone facing a dissertation knows this is just not true.

Prices and Discounts

MHRWriter prices are in British pounds but the company will convert into other currencies for customers from other countries. Pricing is generally in the high average range. In terms of discounts, there is a promo code for 20% off a customer’s first order. We couldn’t find any other discounts but were told that coupon codes for discounts would be given for large orders.

Additional Benefits

Customers can order three levels of writing quality. There are also the standard free pages, free revisions, and plagiarism check. Privacy is guaranteed, but we couldn’t find any privacy policy on the site. And there was no BBB membership either.


For the money, students can do far better somewhere else. As we look at pros & cons of this service, we are hard-pressed to find any pros. Writing quality is poor, and that is the most important factor in all of our reviews. We cannot recommend this writing service and have assigned a general rating of “poor.”

Reviews by users

1.4 rating
1.4 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
Very good0%

Oh God...

1.0 rating

This is a disaster so big, a hurricane should be called in their name! Not only did they get late with my order, the writer obviously knew nothing about the matter!



1.0 rating

What can be better than a faked plagiarism report for which you paid extra 20% above the price? Of course, only same gross quality paperwork it was followed by. I wouldn`t wish anyone to experience the same thing I did with them.


I'm MAD!

1.0 rating

Good means nothing. It means nothing to them. I regret I even contacted them with a request to write down my research paper. They aren`t able of quality performances no matter what those performances are. Essays? Research? No, nothing.



1.0 rating

This is the biggest disaster and disappointment in my academic life. Their limited time 20% off didn`t save the situation.
I wouldn`t recommend this place to anyone. Go find some other places that would at least do something.


I didn't like it at all

1.0 rating

My friend suggested that we make a shared order on this website and so we did. My paper came later than expected and I didn’t like it at all. It sounded like pretty much every other post on the internet, so generic. Later I visited their website and it looks just as boring.


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