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Our review


The following paragraphs contain our review of tailoredessays.com. In order to learn as much as possible about Tailored Essays, we took several steps. Our goal was to verify writing quality, customer support, pricing, and website quality. To do so, we did the following:

  • We read testimonials and customer reviews
  • We placed an order for writing services
  • We checked TailoredEssays prices
  • We searched the BBB to determine if they were a fraud or scam
  • We attempted to find coupon codes or other deals

The following is the summary of our experiences, our final thoughts are at the bottom of this review.

Provided Services

We searched for services provided by Tailored Essays. We had to rely on the order form in order to get that information. Shockingly, they only offer essays. That’s right. This is not something we have come across before. While we have found writing services that focus only on academic writing, or just on thesis or dissertation work, this is the first we have encountered that only offers one paper type.

Product/Writer Quality

We were hopeful that with such a narrow focus, TailoredEssays.com would do an exceptional job of at it. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all. Multiple spelling errors stood out when we reviewed our paper. It was also clear that our essay was poorly researched. We allowed our writer to select their own sources. They used outdated, secondary sources. This is absolutely unacceptable in the college level, academic writing. It did not appear as if our writer was qualified at all.

Customer Support

We attempted to contact customer support online, however, we were unable to do so. Many of our phone calls were left unanswered as well. We also noticed we were routed to a different website to place our order. This appears to be a shell website that is barely supported or staffed. This is worrisome, as these websites tend to close abruptly leaving students out of money and without the papers that they paid for.

Prices And Discounts

We selected the maximum deadline of five days. Our paper cost 13.95 per page. This is within the normal range. However, due to low quality, it was hardly a bargain. We searched for discounts but found none. Although, we can say that a promo code here would not have been compensation for such poor quality.

Additional Benefits

We did find some sample essays here. That is the limit of the additional benefits or content we were able to find. While the few we looked at were reasonably well written, they do not reflect the low quality work that is actually delivered to customers.


Our final rating is below average. TailoredEssays simply doesn’t have much to offer. What it does have to offer is just not very impressive. We made every effort to fairly compare the pros & cons. Unfortunately, we cannot provide our endorsement. If you are a student who needs help with a writing assignment, we strongly suggest you read many of our other reviews. There is no shortage of great writing providers. We have reviewed several and made it easy to find them on our website.

Reviews by users

1.2 rating
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good0%

Want to fail?

1.0 rating

$20 dollars for a paper I`m ashamed of – welcome to my world and thanks to tailoredessays.com. Without them, their smart writers, and their expert help that wouldn`t have been possible. Want to fail in class? Welcome. WELCOME!


Not recommended!

1.0 rating

I don`t find them honest. They are the 100% representation of how a writing resource shouldn`t look like! Avoid them and their so-called ‘help’. I wouldn`t recommend them to any-ANYONE!


You pay money and you get nothing

1.0 rating

They may look trustworthy but in reality, not even close. You pay money and you get nothing. They pretended for 2 weeks that they were working on my order and then sent me a letter that the topic was too unclear and demanded too much research and they had to refuse to finish it. Just what you expect for that much money.



1.0 rating

Before ordering I asked twice if they could hire a PhD writer to work on my order. They said yes and gave my thesis statement to a freshman who not only made some factual mistakes but also a lot of grammar ones. As a result, I paid money but still will be finishing everything myself.


I'm so mad!

1.0 rating

I still struggle to understand what made me order from this company. Pricey, unprofessional, of poor quality, with unfriendly support managers and ignorant writers. I don`t think it`s even worth trying and ordering from them once.


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