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Our review

The name,, comes from the origins of this tutoring service. It was founded by college students, in 2004, as a means of helping students find tutors and, of course, taking a cut of the fees for operating the service. University Tutor today has somewhat the same business model. To provide the UniversityTutor review, we did as much research as possible. We studied the website, looked for on-site testimonials, found customer feedback and comments on the web, checked out prices, operating process, and customer service, and, of course, tried to determine the quality of service and the tutors who are registered on the site. This is our summary.

Provided Services

This company operates as a clearinghouse for students at the high school and college levels who need tutoring services in any academic subject. As well, it offers test prep for college and grad school-bound applicants. 
How it works is this: Students go to the website and state their needs. That need is then posted on a board for registered tutors to see. They contact the student, and it is the student’s sole responsibility to interview the candidates, negotiate a price, and then select a tutor. Students submit the payment, the company takes its cut, and the tutor gets the rest.

University Tutor Services

As the name implies, the company provides tutoring in all academic subjects to high school and college students, along with test prep. It operates much as a job board. Students enter their tutoring needs on the website, it is then posted, students are then contacted by potential tutors for “interviews,” and the student makes the final selection. Tutor and student agree on the price, and payment is held by the company until the end of the agreed-upon “contract.”
The company makes it very clear that customers are responsible for the tutors they choose, and once the negotiated “contract” is made, the student must make a payment – there are no refunds unless the tutor does not put in the number of hours paid for.
Tutoring can occur in person or online, as the customer chooses. University Tutor does state that it has tutors in over 10,000 cities and in 125 countries, and we have no reason to doubt them.
The operation and payment process are secure, and we can state that this service is not a fraud or scam. There is also a BBB membership which we like to see.

Product/Tutor Quality

UniversityTutor obviously does not offer products, only services. To determine quality, we did the following:
We reviewed what customers had to say on the web. The comments were mixed and depended upon the customers’ experiences with their chosen tutors. When things went well, users were obviously happy; when things went wrong, they were dissatisfied, without much recourse
We ordered a short tutoring contract to write a short history research paper at the college level. The tutors who responded were from a variety of academic backgrounds, even math, and science, and many were obviously foreign. We needed a history expert who was also a native-English academic. There were only three from which to choose. Our experience was less than satisfactory overall.

Customer Support

The only way to contact the company was via email. We don’t like this. When we made contact, it took two days to get a response, and even that was not satisfactory. We were told to take up our issue with the tutor.
Obviously, any customer support from UniversityTutor must come from the hired tutor – not a good thing.

Prices and Discounts

Obviously, there are no set prices and no discounts. If you are looking for perhaps a promo code as a first-time customer, or any type of coupon code for special pricing, you will be disappointed. The price you pay will be whatever you and your tutor negotiate.

Additional Benefits

In short, there are none. You have entered a clearinghouse that involves job matching, and nothing more.


We have one major issue with University Tutor, as we look at the pros & cons. There is not enough company control to give consistency to customer experiences. And this means that students are on their own to pick a tutor and to pretty much take what that tutor offers. Given this, we have given an overall rating of “Fair.”

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