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Our review is a tutoring service we only recently became aware of, when a few of our users began to ask for a review. Tutoring services are becoming far more numerous these days, and more and more students seem to be seeking help from them. To provide this summary, we have considered several factors – the information we found on the Club Z Tutoring website, including testimonials, conversations with company representatives, customer reviews we found on the web, a comparison of prices with other services, and our own short-term tutoring experience.

Here is what we found out.

Provided Services

ClubZTutoring offers its services to students from early childhood through college levels, in all subject fields. It operates in the U.S. and Canada only, and customers can choose in-person or online tutoring, through video-conferencing features. It also offers test prep and college application/admissions help.

The website does not explain much. To find out the details and pricing, a customer has to complete a request form providing geographic information, name, email address, and phone number and then wait for someone to respond, either by email or phone. This can be an issue for a student with a need for help with an urgent homework assignment.

Product/Tutor Quality

The “product” in this case is tutoring, as does not provide any type of writing services. To determine quality, we did two things:

  • We reviewed feedback and comments of customers on the web.
  • We completed the request form and ordered help with a touch calculus problem.

The biggest complaint we found was that the whole process is a bit slow. You have to wait for the company to get back to you before you can even take your options for tutoring – and you do have the option of the Club Z Tutoring staff assigning a tutor or picking one yourself from a provided “lineup.”

The other thing that can slow things down is this: if a tutor and student are not a “fit,” then the customer can request a change, but, again, this takes time.

Customer Support

The company can be contacted via phone or email, and one of its representatives will respond. We found them to be a bit slow. We had to leave phone messages and then wait – the same with email.

Prices and Discounts

Here’s the thing about Clubztutoring prices. They will vary geographically. In general, customers pay by the hour. In-person tutoring cost is higher on the coasts and less expensive in the middle sections of the U.S. For online tutoring, there are set prices. You cannot get any information about pricing until you complete the inquiry form. Unlike a lot of tutoring services, there are occasional discounts offered, with either a promo code or coupon codes to use. You get these by signing up for the company newsletter.

Additional Benefits

We did not find any additional benefits. Basically, you request tutoring, get a tutor, pay the company the per-hour fee, and go from there. If you are unhappy with your tutor, you can request a change. You determine the number of hours you want initially, pay that amount to the company, and, as you use up those hours, you are then billed for more before the tutoring continues.


So here is where we are in looking at pros & cons of Club Z Tutoring. It is definitely not a fraud or scam. In fact, it does have a BBB membership, which we always are happy to see. Our issue with the company, though, is the rather cumbersome process for getting a tutor – either in-person or online. Anyone with an urgent need cannot get the rapid response they need, and that can be a problem. Overall, we have assigned a rating of “Fair.”

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