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Our review

We are not certain exactly how long has been in the writing service business, but we have found some feedback and comments about the company on the web, dating back to 2014. These have become a part of Cool Essay review, along with several other items – the company website content, testimonials it has posted, products and services it offers, policies, pricing and discounts, quality of blog posts and samples provided on the CoolEssay website, and any other unique features or benefits it provides. It is our hope that, as you read through this review, you will get enough information to make a decision about this company’s worthiness as a reliable and trusted provider of great products and services.
Here is all that we found.

Provided Services

Cool Essay offers academic, professional, and business writing, including the following:

  • Essays and papers on any topic and at any grade level
  • Reports, case studies, lab reports, reviews, analyses, presentations
  • Grad school projects, research proposals, theses, dissertations
  • Admissions, scholarship, and personal statement essays
  • Homework and multiple-choice test-taking
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Resumes, CV’s, and cover letters
  • Business writing – copywriting, reports, plans, etc.

Once a customer places an order, and makes a payment, he will be assigned a writer. At that point, he is also given a personal account to use for speaking with his writer, for asking questions, checking progress, requesting revisions, and taking final delivery on the piece of writing, once he has approved of it.

Cool Essay is careful to have a privacy policy, and customers feel safe that their personal information is confidential and protected. All customers are assigned ID numbers, and personal information is encrypted and secured with firewalls.

Product/Writer Quality

Product quality can only be determined by reviewing the actual writing crafted by the CoolEssay writers, and the comments and feedback of customers who have actually ordered and received those products. We have a good amount of customer feedback. And, to look at actual crafted writing products, we have looked extensively at the blog posts and the samples that says have been crafted by their own writers. Here are some important points:

  • High school students seem to be pleased with the writing quality of the essays and papers they get.
  • ESL students are also generally satisfied with their delivered orders.
  • Moving on to the college and graduate school levels, reviews are more mixed. While some students are satisfied, others stated they had to request several revisions, because of writing errors. Others stated that they paid the extra fee for an editor so that the final product was submissable.
  • We reviewed several blog posts, as well as on-site samples. We did find word usage errors and some structural errors in sentences that are common with ESL writers. The same types of errors were found in the website content itself. We reviewed a sample of a personal essay that was obviously misnamed. It was a report on Shakespeare, and there were several word usage mistakes. Another sample, a research paper on violence in schools reflected some of the same types of errors. We would encourage CoolEssay to put its editing staff to work and clean these minor errors up – it will lend more credibility to its claims of quality products.

As far as writers are concerned, Cool Essay states that all of its writers are native English-speakers with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees and strong backgrounds in academic writing. We believe this may be an exaggeration because ESL writers are obviously in use.

Customer Support

Our initial experiences with customer support were very nice. We spoke with the department by phone and live chat. Agents were friendly and tried to answer our detailed questions as best they could. They did speak with a foreign accent, however, and it was sometimes difficult to understand everything. If they were unsure of an answer, they said so and referred us to the FAQ section or asked that we go ahead and place an order and discuss the details with our assigned writer.

Prices and Discounts prices are about average for the industry, and like all other writing services, depending upon the type of product, that academic level, the length, and the deadline requirements. Prices per page increase as academic levels do, and that is normal and to be expected. 

In terms of discounts, coupon or promo codes, we found none on the website. There are a footer page title discounts, and we discovered that there are small discounts available, but only if customers know to contact the customer support department and ask for them. We were also told that there are special discounts with promo codes at various times during the year and that these are promoted on the site itself.

Customers may make payment using any major credit card or PayPal. CoolEssay uses a third-party payment processor, and financial information is secured and never held by the company.

Additional Benefits

The only additional benefit that we found was that there is a blog, and that blog is kept up to date. There are some interesting topics here, and there are a few blogs that could be found interesting to many students. Most relate to how to write various types of essays.

Conclusion is certainly a legal and reliable writing service. It provides products and services in accordance with customer instructions and delivers them on time. We would advise anyone who uses the company to consider the extra fees for a top-quality writer and an editor. Overall, we give this writing service a 3.5 on a scale of 5.

Reviews by users

1.2 rating
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 9 reviews)
Very good0%

This is not my writing partner anymore!

2.0 rating

Quite unpleasant experience. I didn’t get my paper in time and because of this called its support service, but had to talk with very rude person. This is not my writing partner any more!


low quality

1.0 rating

If there exist a place where mediocres write essay and feel successful. No normal/accurate editing, no highlighting of the main theme, no bibliography, low quality summary – and they charged me like I was ordering a golden iPhone from the Moon to be shipped back to Earth and to the US.



1.0 rating

Title page for $5? I am not surprised that it was completely messed up at the end. Looks like their writer didn`t even try to read the whole research paper and my notes while she was putting down the order. I`m disrespected and unsatisfied with the provided work!



1.0 rating

I found massive plagiarism in the essay paper that I had ordered at CoolEssay. When I placed my complaint and was insisting on the rewriting and full editing, they just dumped me! The service stopped answering! Professionals?! Promising resource that can complete any college assignment? NO!


bad quality

1.0 rating

What a pity that a service with a name CoolEssay isn`t a cool essay.
Wrong topic was delivered. I gave accurate, direct instructions straight to the writer, but none of them were followed by her. Looked like she was more concerned about the amount of money she was getting, but not the level of quality she was establishing.


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