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Our review

The following paragraphs contain our review of However, before we begin, let’s go over the steps that we undertook in order to provide a thorough assessment of this writing service.

  • We explored the EssayEmpire website.
  • We read customer reviews posted on other websites.
  • We checked the BBB website to ensure this service is not a fraud or scam.
  • We placed an order for an academic essay.

Keep reading to learn more.

Provided Services

EssayEmpire services are focused only on academic services. There are no spaces to expand into professional writing, web content or other services. We looked at the services available. We were quickly able to discover that this writing service focused on serving students only. A review revealed that no services were available to  job seekers, or others who might be seeking help.

Product/Writer Quality

First, we have to say that all of our interactions with our writer were perfectly satisfactory. They were cordial, curious, and engaging. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation. We were sure that our writer understood our needs and had the subject matter competence to do a good job. That just did not happen.

Instead, we received a paper that was extraordinarily disappointing. It had spelling and grammar errors. The paper did not in any way meet any reasonable academic standards, and would have never been appropriate for an academic assignment without  many edits and clarifications. We were quite disappointed.

Customer Support

As with many writing services we encounter, we found customer support to be friendly. Unfortunately, the representatives didn’t have much knowledge when it comes to company policies. They also didn’t appear to be empowered to do much to help upset or frustrated customers. That’s a shame, because we can imagine that it is frustrating to do your job without having the proper training provided by Essay Empire.

Prices And Discounts

We paid about fifteen dollars a page for our paper. This means that prices are fairly average. Had the quality of writing and customer service also been average, pricing would not be an issue. Unfortunately, because we received such sub par writing and customer service, the cost was simply not justifiable to us.

Whenever we review a writing service, we research discounts that may be available to customers. We did the same here. We used a promo code to save money on our order. There are also additional coupon codes available. However, we don’t feel as if they are worthwhile enough to make up for the quality issues that we approached or were mentioned in customer comments.

Additional Benefits

We are always impressed when a writing service offers up additional, bonuses that their audience can enjoy. Unfortunately, Essay Empire hasn’t really done that. We searched for blog posts, infographics, videos, articles, and other interesting content. Unfortunately, they just don’t offer that. We did find some writing samples. However, due to quality issues we cannot say that these add any value to the website or the customer experience.


We took the time to consider every thing. We considered all of the pros & cons. At the end of the day, we simply cannot give EssayEmpire our rating of approval. However, we do encourage our readers to keep looking. We have reviewed several writing services that have earned our seal of approval via our testimonials. Any one of these will provide the quality of service that you deserve.

Reviews by users

1.2 rating
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
Very good0%

Never going to hire them again!

1.0 rating

I bought a research paper that, of course, included research. The result was a lousy research which I had to redo myself. Rudeness isn’t a great attribute for anyone, but especially for a writing company! People skills are essential and I believe they are necessary for this line of business. Never going to hire them again!


They failed

1.0 rating

A perfect empire of awful essays. Do you feel like wasting your time and money for the paper that will fail you in college? Do you feel like dropping out? In case you have said yes to any of those – welcome to the essayempire. They failed to develop my order and I`m sure the same will happen with yours. Stay aware if you are eager to try working with them.


They didn`t complete

2.0 rating

My order was an essay of a high school academic level in two weeks. The price that they had given me was $10 per page which looked quite affordable to me. Sadly, my expectations weren`t really met. They didn`t complete my bibliography page and didn`t illustrate the real purpose of the summary page. The main problem wasn`t well described as well. Thus, it left me there thinking like: what did I pay for? What was I thinking of when I did it? At least, they made a free revision and rewrote the paper that they messed up with.


It`s like a candy with an expired date that you crave to eat.

1.0 rating

Political Science isn`t their best side. At least, they know the importance of fast delivery and they perform it without any hesitation. However, the quality is kinda weak and the price that they ask isn`t substantial if you compare it with the final results. It`s like a candy with an expired date that you crave to eat.


awful place

1.0 rating

An impressively awful place for paper help. No matter what kind of a paper you order – you will not get a nice one. From my experience: I ordered two completely different papers (an essay and a one page summary for a dissertation). With a different timing, they both failed to be well-written. I`m disappointed as I had placed too much trust in them without any real outcome. My friends, I truly do not recommend their services.


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