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Our review is an online writing service that advertises ‘professional’ and ‘manual’ rephrasing services. In addition to this, they also offer standard writing services. Since writing services are generally what our readers are interested in, we placed an order to have an essay written for a college student.

In addition to placing an order and evaluating the essay we received, we took several other steps. We read customer reviews. We researched the company on the BBB. We explored the rephraser website. We also took the time to interact with staff members of this writing service.

The rest of our review is provided below. We sincerely hope it provides potential writing service customers with some valuable insights.

Provided Services

We presume our readers are most interested in writing services, we will focus on those. This writing service offers the common academic writing services. Unfortunately, placing an order and selecting the write product is difficult.

Product/Writer Quality

Virtually every review that we read was negative. However, we remained committed to being fair and coming to our own conclusion. We are sad to say that in spite of all of this, the essay we received was completely unacceptable. It was full of factual, stylistic, and formatting errors. In addition to that, we had real concerns about originality.

Customer Support

Rephaser customer support is very difficult to work with. First, they are rarely available. Then, when they are available, they aren’t able to help customers. Instead, they refer customers to other departments and emphasize how they cannot help.

Prices And Discounts

Our rephraser essay cost about 16 dollars per page. This is fairly reasonable. Unfortunately several things went south. First, in spite of these prices, the overall quality of writing and customer service was not acceptable.

Then we took a look at prices and discounts. There was a promo code available. Unfortunately, this is where we felt mislead. When you apply coupon codes here, you don’t actually save money. Instead, you simply pay the advertised price even after you apply the discount. This appears to be the ase with any promo code or coupon codes.

Additional Benefits

Other than offering an opportunity to select a preferred writer, Rephraser doesn’t offer much in the way of additional benefits. A plagiarism report is also available. Unfortunately, due to doubts about our own essay, we have serious concerns about the veracity of these reports.


Here are our final thoughts on Rephraser. We worked very hard to give this writing service the benefit of the doubt during every phase of this review. We looked for positive testimonials. We weighed the pros & cons objectively. Unfortunately, every interaction was marred by a negative experience, and the product we received was unacceptable due to poor writing and failure to follow our instructions. Because of this, our final rating of is poor. While we cannot go as far as saying they are a fraud or scam, we do urge students and others to avoid using this service.

If you have been considering using Rephraser, don’t be discouraged. There are several reviews on Writing Judge that cover content providers who truly do an amazing job of helping students. Feel free to check them out, and keep returning for new reviews.

Reviews by users

1.2 rating
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
Very good0%


1.0 rating

They hardly managed to follow my lines with the paperwork. I didn`t ask for much, only to finish my essay (11 pages plus some deductive materials) in one week. I wonder why the task turned out to be incompletable for them. Is it such a strange and uncommon thing – an essay?


I am disappointed

1.0 rating

I am disappointed by what I get at theirs. I place many hopes and of course, I placed a quite big amount of money for the urgent completion of the essay. Indeed, this is not the resource which I would work in the future with. It does not perform or show anything good but only unprofessional “experts” and inappropriate way of communication.

Emily Rajess

Don`t recommend

1.0 rating

Not sure that I understand what they mean by calling themselves a professional paraphraser resource. To be honest, to me they look like a place that isn`t fully sure of what they are actually doing for their clients. The support member that I had talked to gave me answers to about 30% of my questions. The same was with the writer. But even more simple – I just didn`t have a chance to speak with him (or her?). Don`t recommend.


Never recommend

1.0 rating

I ordered an admission letter from this service and thanks to their help I could have had a non-scheduled gap year! Because surely people at university wouldn`t have approved such a text, full of silly grammar mistakes. Owing to another writing company that managed to rewrite everything quickly I am a student now. But I would never recommend your service to anyone!


The worst service I have ever used.

1.0 rating

The worst service I have ever used. Rude support members who can tell you nothing about their own company and its services, very sloooooow writers and moreover prices are higher than average. I`d suggest looking for something better than rephraser.


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