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Our review

For this review, we have decided to focus on They are a writing service based in Nottingham. According to our research they serve students in the UK, United States of America, Australia, and Canada as well as other English speaking countries.

In order to ensure that we provide the most accurate information possible, we take several steps to thoroughly review each writing service. We have made no exception for UK Essays. Here is an overview of the steps we took prior to writing this piece:

  • We did a Google search on UKEssays. This led us to several sites where we could read customer reviews.
  • We conducted a BBB search and found that the company was not accredited. However, it should be  noted that this is not proof that UK Essays is a fraud or scam.
  • We explored the website. We evaluated it for ease of use, quality writing, and helpful content
  • We looked for coupon codes and other savings
  • We placed an order for a paper and reviewed it for quality
  • We interacted with our writer and customer support staff

The following is a description of our experiences.

Provided Services

UKEssays strictly offers academic writing services. These include most of the standard products seen on other academic writing websites. Essays, term papers, research papers, presentations, reports, and thesis and dissertation assistance are all listed. Looking at the list, a few of the products and their descriptions are very clearly geared towards UK students. This might cause a bit of confusion for American students. Ultimately, we did not find anything negative to say about the types of products and services offered.

Product/Writer Quality

The details of our order were as follows: Undergraduate essay, due in 14 days, no extra features, on the topic of ‘The influence of pop culture in politics’. We did receive our essay on time. It was on the topic we requested, and it was completely original.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. It was poorly written in term of subject matter as well as spelling and grammar. We strongly believe that our writer was not a native English speaker. Strange errors in word usage and phrasing is usually an indication of that. This leaves our rating of writing quality very low.

Customer Support

We contacted customer support online and over the phone on several occasions. They were quite helpful and polite before and during our order. Unfortunately, we did not have the same positive experience when we asked for a refund or revision. In spite of very positive testimonials about their customer support, we did not find them very helpful at all.

Prices And Discounts

We paid nearly 100 dollars per page for our poorly written paper. These kinds of prices are shocking. We’re talking five times what other services charge. They may be trying to market themselves as an  upscale writing service. Unfortunately, they will need to bring much more quality to the table in order to make that happen.

We also found no discounts to offset the high costs. Improving quality and adding a discount promo code or two are a must if this company wants to stay in business.

Additional Benefits

There are writing samples as well as some useful guides here. It’s a bit boring to read. However, we did find the content to be useful and fairly well written. Clearly there are different people writing the web content than whoever is writing for customers.


Unfortunately, it didn’t take us too long to weigh all of the pros & cons. We strongly urge students to pass this one up. There are too many issues with quality and price.

Reviews by users

1.1 rating
1.1 out of 5 stars (based on 15 reviews)
Very good0%

I can`t and won`t recommend this resource.

1.0 rating

Quality and price don`t match each other. Why to pay that much for a bad paper if you can pay half of the amount for the same bad quality on some other resource? I`d recommend this service to strongly review and overthink their job. Unless there are some changes done – I can`t and won`t recommend this resource.


Do not recommend, sorry.

1.0 rating

They don`t inform you with the price for one paper but only for the whole order (you can say count on your own, it`s simple). But no, they include additional service (Chargeable) and still do not inform about the price of each of them, only for the whole order overall. I don`t like it. As well, the quality of the paper ($160!) could have been better. Do not recommend, sorry.


No pros only cons, do not recommend.

1.0 rating

To say it first – ukessays is a bad writing resource that you cannot and should not rely on. No matter what writing assignment you need, they will not be able to meet the timing and to provide at least an average quality of the writing. One more side minus is the price which is higher than usual. No pros only cons, do not recommend.


too many incorrections

1.0 rating

My research paper was given to me on the right day as it was agreed at the beginning. Then, I found out there were too many incorrections and all of them should have been fixed before the Monday (and it was Saturday). My request for a revision didn`t have any success as their support simply ignored me. Next time there will be no next time for a partnership with this resource.


no positive outcomes from

2.0 rating

It`s quite hard to say only something good or only something bad. From the positive sides I liked how hard they actually were trying to give me professional help on the way of my paper completion. However, their approach didn`t bring a single benefit. Sad to admit, but there are no positive outcomes from the writing work with them.


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