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Our Review

The following is our review of Write My Paper 4 Me. In order to provide a fair and balanced summary of our findings we took the following steps:

  • Ordered a paper and reviewed the final product for quality
  • Interacted with customer service
  • Read online customer reviews
  • Explored the company website
  • Searched the BBB website for active complaints or warnings.

Before we continue, we should note that we cannot definitively state that this company is not a fraud or scam.

Provided Services

According to their website, the company offers a very limited selection of academic writing services to high school and college students. These include essays, coursework, term papers, and book reviews. We ordered a research paper in order to complete this assessment.

Product/Writer Quality

We were disappointed, but not at all surprised that the paper we received was extraordinarily bad. In spite of promises on the website indicating that writers were native English speakers, it was clear that ours was not. However, we were prepared for this as the spelling, grammar, and mechanics on the website are absolutely atrocious. We have learned that website content quality and writing quality almost always go hand in hand. Had we not needed to purchase a paper in order to write this review, we would have stayed away from WriteMyPaper4Me.org entirely.

In order to turn our paper in for a passing grade, we would have had to request an entire rewrite. We did approach the company about a revision. We were told that they were unable to help us as they believed the paper was fine and only required minor changes that we could do ourselves.

Customer Support

We found customer support to be friendly. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anyone who actually was willing or empowered to rectify the low-quality product we had received or deal with the very misleading claims made on the WriteMyPaper4Me website. Politeness is nice, but it simply doesn’t help solve problems.

Prices And Discounts

We opted for a two-week deadline in order to reduce our price per page to fourteen dollars. This is much more in line with industry prices than the initial offer of twenty dollars per page. However, we were still miffed at paying even that amount considering our overwhelmingly negative experience.

Write My Paper 4 Me does not have any advertised discounts. However, when we asked a customer service representative about coupon codes they very tersely sent us a promo code for a discount of five percent. We weren’t overwhelmed by the generosity as most companies offer 15 to 20 percent for simply being a first time customer.

Additional Benefits

WriteMyPaper4me.org does have some blog posts. Unfortunately, these are very poorly written, and the topics are not very interesting. The website does contain very positive customer testimonials. However, after our experience and reading insights from other customers, we are not convinced that these actually reflect the sentiments of real customers.


Unfortunately, our overall rating of WriteMyPaper4Me is poor. As we listed the pros & cons, the negatives vastly outnumbered any positives. In fact, the issues with quality, pricing, and customer service quite possibly qualify this company as one of the worst that we have encountered. We strongly encourage students to save their money and work with a much more reputable company instead.

Reviews by users

1.2 rating
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
Very good0%


2.0 rating

This writing service raises many red flags. I ordered twice from them, and on both occasions, they couldn’t deliver on time. The first paper was filled with errors but had some good research. The last essay was a case study which appeared to have been written by a beginner. Think twice before hiring them!


stay away from this service

1.0 rating

The proposed price is a bit better than all the other services and features that you can find on their website. Even if they know how a good essay should be performed, they hide that knowledge in a desert place and do not show it to anyone at all. Even a discount that they give to new customers doesn`t cover the repercussion that they allow themselves to include in your paper. Strongly advise staying away from them.


I wouldn`t recommend

1.0 rating

Nevertheless the customer support was useful and helpful, in general I didn`t like the work that I had with them. It`s not how a professional partnership should look like and definitely it is not what you expect to have for your writing assignment when you are a sophomore. Making up a summary, I wouldn`t recommend using this place, as they don`t hold enough experience..


nice price but can't recommend

2.0 rating

I really loved the price. For 1k words less than $80 in 7 days. I wished it worked out, seriously. But somehow, it didn`t. What I mean is that their “professional” road of our co-working didn`t suit me and didn`t satisfy me at all. Moreover, I basically hated the way I had to explain every single thing for them to understand what exactly I wanted to see in my paperwork. Counting and measuring all the sides, I cannot give any positive recommendation for this web-resource.


very bad experience

1.0 rating

Although it looked like they were about to give me what I needed, I didn`t have it. My essay wasn`t fully completed and consisted of a couple major mistakes that should not have been presented there at all. Like a side effect, I faced with their support department… My questions didn`t get all the answers and I had to ask again and again. It was frustrating as I didn`t want to waste that much time on finding the truth about my order and, well, actually waiting for my order to be completed.


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