Creative Essay Titles – How to Create Them

Creative Essay Titles – How to Create Them

Should essays have titles? Absolutely. No student should ever turn in a piece of writing without an essay title.

Essay titles are often the last thing student writers think about once an essay is finished. And so, the title of an essay is often the most boring and least engaging part of the piece of writing. It should not be so.

Spending Time Crafting Creative Essay Titles

Students need to understand that the title in essay writing is the very first thing an instructor sees. Personal essay titles are the first thing that admissions committees see. Journalists understand that clever essay titles can engage and motivate readers to dive in to an article.

Likewise, students must understand that instructors and professors are also impressionable, and unique essay titles can form that first impression that will impact how they then view the entire piece of writing – favorably.

Great essay titles don’t come easily. Upworthy, an online news outlet, states that it spends as much time on developing catchy essay titles as it does writing its pieces.

So, how much time do you spend coming up with creative paper titles? Probably not as much as Upworthy, but you should spend some time doing this.

So Where Do You Go for Catchy Essay Titles?


A lot of professional content writers who produce online posts and articles use title generator tools to get essay title ideas. These are actually kind of fun to use. You can insert some keywords from your essay or paper and get example essay titles. And, with some of these, you can actually choose the type you want. You can ask for funny essay titles, reflective essay titles, and more.

There are other sources of creative college essay titles too. If you Google “how to create the best essay titles you will get several sites and tools that can give essay title help. And there are also some good writing websites that focus on academic writing. Many of them have creative writing staffs that can generate catch paper titles for students.

Some Titles are More Difficult to Craft Than Others

Suppose you have been assigned the challenge essay. In general, these types of essays require that you speak to a personal challenge or a challenge that a famous person faced and surmounted. Coming up with challenge essay topics is tough enough; writing a piece about success in the face of challenge means coming up with success essay titles, and those of themselves are a challenge. You don’t want to appear to have too big an ego when you speak to your own successes.

Education essay titles may be a bit easier if you are posing your own opinions or writing about events or circumstances, but making them engaging and compelling will always be a bit of a challenge.

If you are naturally creative, crafting titles may not be a huge challenge for you. Catchy paper titles come easily for you. For your fellow students, coming up with a creative essay title won’t come easily. Perhaps you can provide some help yourself!

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