How to Write a Commercial Proposal

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In the business world, when someone has something to sell they often need to learn how to write a commercial proposal. This is a document where a seller writes out the details of the item they are selling, and attempts to convince the potential buyer that they are getting a worthwhile deal. This is a complex, business document, and writing it in an effective manner is extraordinarily important. Please keep reading to learn more.

What is a Commercial Proposal And Who Might Write One?

A commercial proposal is not a traditional sales document. For example, one would not write a proposal over the sale of  a car or some household items. A commercial proposal is related to high dollar transactions.Here are some examples of situations where writing a commercial proposal would be appropriate:

  • A Successful Startup Positioning Itself to be Sold to Another Business
  • A Struggling Business Who Wishes to be Taken Over in Order to Avoid Bankruptcy
  • An Attorney Attempting to Liquidate a Large Estate
  • A Small Business Owner Wanting to Sell Off Property or Equipment
  • Someone Wishing to Find a Buyer for Very High Dollar Items Such as Yachts

Know The True Value of What You Are Selling

Here is the most important rule to remember. Do not waste a potential buyer’s time. It is exceedingly important that you do your research. Learn the retail and wholesale value of whatever it is that you are selling. If you are selling a business, get a proper valuation. Be prepared to show real financial data. Remember, if you are going to make a statement you should have data to back it up.

Write For Your Audience in Your Proposal Commercial

Who is your audience? In what niche is your commercial proposal relevant. Conduct research on any potential buyers. Then, build a bit of a character profile for them. For example, are you dealing with someone who is simply in the business of acquiring things, improving them, and selling them? Conversely, are you dealing with someone with true passion in what you are offering to sell. Obviously, you would word  your proposal differently depending on who you are trying to convince to make a purchase.

Look For a Great Commercial Proposal Example

The best way to learn  how to write a commercial proposal is to find a great working example. If you search online,  you should be able to find both examples and templates. You, of course, could get some help by working with some of the best online writing sites that offer business writing services. Many are reasonably priced, and can  help you meet your goals.

Follow The Rules of Business Writing

Finally, do some research on business writing. It will help you to create a document that is appropriate for business purposes. This will add to your credibility as you work to make a sale.

Most importantly, keep in mind that your goal is to make the person reading your proposal the priority.

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