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Our review

This is our review on We are writing this piece after ordering an essay from this company. In addition to doing this, we read online customer reviews. We also reviewed the BBB website to look for complaints and determine whether or not they are a fraud or scam. There is more information about our experiences in the paragraphs that follow.

Provided Services

We believe that My Assignment Help is solely focused on providing academic writing services to students. However, it is difficult to specify exactly which products and services are available for sure. This is because the pages describing services are very disjointed. Many of the hyperlinks don’t lead to the correct pages, and things are otherwise confusing. We were informed that they offer typical writing services. These include, but are not limited to essays, term papers, articles, lab reports, capstone projects, etc.

Product/Writer Quality

We were completely unsatisfied with the essay that we received. It was badly written, arrived late, and was missing several key components. We immediately identified several errors that the writer from My Assignment Help missed completely. It doesn’t appear as if any editing had been done at all. Worse, we found that it was very obvious the writer involved with this assignment was not a proficient English speaker. They used the wrong tense in many sentences and selected words that simply did not match the context being used.

Customer Support

We were forced to contact customer support at MyAssignmentHelp multiple times. This was much more frequently than we normally have to on other writing service websites. This is an indication of how confusing and disorganized things were.  To their credit, most were quite helpful. Unfortunately, they were unable to resolve the quality problems we brought to their attention. We suspect that the support team here is quite overwhelmed. They must spend a lot of time directing confused website visitors and fielding complaints.

Prices And Discounts

This was another point of confusion and disappointment for us. There is simply no central place to determine prices on My Assignment Help. You have two choices. You can either just continue placing your order, which isn’t a very attractive option. You can also work with a customer service representative to determine pricing. We found the second option better, but not much. All in all, we paid about eighteen dollars per page for a very simple essay assignment. This is fairly high, albeit not unreasonable. Unfortunately, the quality did make the amount quite unacceptable.

There are discounts available. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. We found no coupon codes. The only promo code available was an offer for a prize to students spending hundreds of dollars per month.

Additional Benefits

MyAssignmentHelp does maintain a blog for interested readers. We found it to be interesting and fairly well written. However, when weighing the pros & cons of the products, services, and website altogether, this doesn’t compensate for much. We did not find other articles or a testimonials page when we explored the website.


We very emphatically advise all students to steer clear of Between the difficulty, we had to navigate the website, finding information, or simply placing an order, and the low quality writing this company has simply not earned a high rating at all. Please consider using one of the many top quality writing services that we have reviewed instead.

Reviews by users

2.0 rating
2 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
Very good23%

so bad

2.0 rating

I placed an order with this writing service. I needed a case study done and was assured by the support team that it was going to be done by an expert in the field. When I read the case study, I thought it was a joke. It was shallow, not at all at the academic level I required!


Can`t recommend.

1.0 rating

Totally unrealizable to have any kind of a normal connection with the support department or any writer. The indentation in the whole paper was different and was wrong. It shouldn`t have had that much space in it. The request of a revision was approved, though it didn`t bring that much change for a better. I suppose they haven`t heard about the quality assurance nor of a must to present a plagiarism report. SO basically there is nothing to exalt about myassignmenthelp`s quality. Can`t recommend.


I will never use this place again

1.0 rating

This resource isn`t helpful, at all. My order was a term paper and a small book review. The first had a two weeks deadline while the second should have been ready in 3 days. The long term project turned to be weak. The all-together way of putting up things in the paper didn`t suit me. I had asked for a completely different thing and they weren`t able to provide me with it. The short time one was delayed for 24 hours. The writer didn`t give me any explanation of why it happened. Summarizing all the sides I will never use this place again.

Alexander James

Never again. NEVER!

1.0 rating

I believe that each client deserves to be provided with a high quality support and also should be given the eminent paper/order. Paying $200 should have brought me at least one of those, yet, none of that ever happened. Talking about the quality, I was saddened by the whole paper. Never again will put my trust in this writing resource. NEVER!

Val Kale


1.0 rating

The quality and price were much better than the support department or the missing delivery within the deadline. I don`t actually know how it can be possible to derange an English essay, however MyAssignmentHelp perfectly managed to find a way to completely mess it up. The price doesn`t substitute the bad outcome with the paper in general.


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