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Our review is one of many essay writing services that are available to the public. Launched back in 2010 one would believe that with such a long-standing business the rating of this company would be rather high. Unfortunately, as we did our research this turns out to not be the case. As we investigated the site ourselves in order to review we found that Papers Mart seems to have little if any regards to quality standards. Before we begin we must state that we have an “equal treatment to all” policy, which we have used to evaluate every web-based writing service. This includes:

  • Looking at company information on the site
  • Evaluating products and services
  • Reaching out to customer support
  • Comparing their prices to similar sites and services
  • Reading any samples they have available
  • Viewing their onsite testimonials
  • Reading online customer reviews
  • And grading the quality of the paper we receive.

All of these are factors that we focused on in order to write an accurate review on

Provided Services

When we looked at Papers Mart for the services they offer we found that they provided an agonizingly long, and somewhat confusing list. This list contained over 50 types of services that can be categorized into 6 different criteria.

  • Essay Writing
  • Dissertation Services
  • Homework assistance
  • Admissions
  • Homework assistance
  • Proofreading

Although it is usually of better for the company to offer multiple services we found that Paper Smart’s overly lengthy list of services caused much confusion on our part and significantly slowed down our review for this site.

Product/Writer Quality

In regards to the quality we look at the standard writing samples, and if they are available, customer reviews. We find that customer reviews are one of our best sources for the product quality that the consumer can expect. Along with that we also perform our own evaluation for the product which we receive. These are the conclusions we came to. We read through two of the samples and were happy to find that they were highly informative pieces which reflected the expectations that were given to them. Unfortunately, the work we have received didn’t come nearly up to par with the samples. Customer’s appeared to be rather satisfied with the time frame they received the work in. However, the quality seems that it might be questionable as none of the reviews were written in a negative standpoint, and none of them spoke of their quality. We had ordered a simple essay at the level of a college sophomore and were very disappointed in the paper we received. It appeared that our writer had very little knowledge of the subject we gave to them, despite claiming their expertise. However, if there is one positive point to place is that the grammar was nearly perfect.

Customer Support

In order to ensure a thorough review of any company’s customer service, we attempt to contact their department a minimum of three times, by phone and live chat. This is to assess the level of credibility of their representatives. During our review, we act as a customer with concerns and ask detailed questions regarding their products, policies, and processes. While reviewing for we found ourselves talking to three different representatives, all of whom gave us similar results. As we spoke to our first rep we found that it obviously sounded as though they were reading from a script of some sort, and despite their friendly demeanor it seemed that they had very little, in any interest in actually assisting us.

With what we have experienced we cannot state whether or not Papers Mart is or is not a fraud or scam. However, we can state that the pros and cons vastly outweigh each other.

Prices and Discounts

The prices of services start at about $9.97 per page for undergraduate work and go all the way up to $56.00 per page for an urgent professional paper. Unfortunately, despite the low prices, the work does not seem to be worth the price due to its low-quality standards. As we searched the site we found that there were no discounts, coupon codes or promo codes available in order to help us save money. Without these discounts, our paper was priced at 80$

Additional Benefits

Unfortunately, we found that paper due now does not offer any extra services other than the ones that are listed.


Paper due now is not BBB accredited and has no rating from the organization. Looking at all of the pros and cons we found with the agency we found that although paper due now keeps their word in delivering quickly, it is obvious that their business lacks quality control and is unable to provide decent service to their customers.

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1.0 rating

When ordering at PapersMart I faced a problem with credit card payment, it just didn’t want to transfer the needed amount. Support team made me sure it was a problem from my side, not theirs. Next day I noticed that the double price was withdrawn. I complained about it with the guy from support – but he said no money will be returned, because only the needed amount was paid. Scam!!!


No Title

1.0 rating

The $12 per page is a total lie. For my high school essay in 18 days I paid $17 per page. I didn`t get any kind of a discount and no additional free features as it was promised on their website. What a sense to use an expensive resource that doesn`t show the slightest hint of a professional approach? Of course no sense!


disgusting resource

1.0 rating

A disgusting resource that cannot perform any kind of a professional writing and especially make that writing meet the deadline and not be plagiarized from the very beginning! In case you are willing to spend the entire waiting in waiting for nothing – welcome to the PapersMart!



1.0 rating

They robbed me!!! I asked for a plagiarism check up and for rewriting for my research paper. We agreed on $75 for the whole work but as a result they didn`t agree to send me my finished order until I pay them an additional amount of $30!
Robbery!!!!! Stay away from this place!


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